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There is a trend today of people who prefer to have small houses as compared to the traditional houses. A large number of people are shifting from small towns and rural America to big cities in order to enhance their living standards as well as to increase their earnings.

Small Modular House
small modular home

This has led to over population in the cities, increased smog, deforestation and more electricity usage. In such circumstances, small modular houses are getting more popularity as they address many of these issues.

Small modular houses are available in a wide range of styles and designs. These houses are for weekend gateways as well as for permanent residences. Small modular houses are well-suited for smaller families and bachelors as these are very simple, elegant and budget friendly structures.

These homes are built away from their actual building sites in manufacturing centers. As soon as these small modular houses are built, they are transferred to the building site for assembling. It totally depends on the owner of the house that which design and style they want their house to be built in.

4 Advantages ...

These small modular houses have a lot of advantages. First, they are easy to build and manufacture. Second, once they are built, they are easily transferred to the site where they need to be assembled. Third, now as there are many designs and styles available in these small modular houses, people are now very much willing to invest in these types of homes. Fourth, the small modular house leaves a small carbon footprint meaning less wood is used to build them, lower utility bills from coal or gas fired power plants and lower maintenance costs.

By their very nature, small modular houses save a lot of money and time. As the manufacturer buys material for the construction, he gets discount on the raw materials. At the same time, labor cost is also less as compared to the traditional house construction. Modular houses need very little financing compared to traditional homes.

Construction time of small modular houses is also very little and it allows people to start living in them in a very short span of time. Other activities like construction inspection and so on are also carried out so as to make sure that people live in a safe environment.

Constructive Ideas ...

Another benefit is that a person can construct small modular houses by themselves with the help of tutorials and home plans / blueprints available from many different resources. Many DIYers will get a kick out of building their own dwellings especially when the size of the home isn't overwhelming and the result is a modest "Home Sweet Home" that many environmentalists will dig. You dig?

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