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Small Luxury House

A small luxury house is what many people are opting for in today's market. As people are becoming more green conscious and wanting to leave a smaller carbon footprint there are many who are looking to buy small homes that are also luxurious.

Small Luxury House
small luxury house with incredible view

One way to do this is to spend your hard earned money on the location, location, location of the home more than the home itself. One example may be a small luxury house that is located right on the beach. Another example may be a mountain lake resort and buying a small luxury house that is right on the lake.

With these kinds of small luxury houses you're paying primarily for location and not as much for the home itself. The advantage of this are the beautiful views and higher resale values.

Other advantages of a small luxury beach house compared to larger homes include lower utility bills. This means to the environmentally conscious person that fewer fossil fuels are being burned to create electricity for your home.

Keeping Up with Less Upkeep ...

The upkeep on a small luxury house is much less for a larger home. Less sweeping, cleaning, painting, yard work and more. Less is more as they say. Also, the interior design which can be quite luxurious, using leather for furniture, the latest marble for bathroom and kitchen, Jacuzzi tubs, expensive carpeting and more will all be less expensive for the small luxury house simply because the square footage is less.

Most small luxury houses can also accommodate some bigger item if the home is designed correctly. Want a big screen plasma TV? No problem as with a little rearranging this will most likely be able to be accommodated.

For small luxury home the cost for technology will also be less because of the square footage of the property. Installing a smaller security systems, fewer cameras, motion detectors and what not will be less for a smaller home.

The Up Side of Downsizing ...

As the population grows older, many adults who have children out of the home will want to naturally downsize their houses anyway because there is less upkeep. These same people however may also want to go upscale while downsizing.

Since young kids aren't around to tear up the home, the parents can have a small luxury house and it will stay that way (unless the grandkids are there often).

Regardless there are definitely two trends are work here in today's housing market. The first is to downsize and the second is to go upscale. These two trends are compatible in many cases especially when one picks the ideal location in which to start.

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