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Small Houses

Small houses are a recent trend in response to the mansionization of America. We all have three basic necessities including food, clothing and shelter. For shelter, everyone has to look for a place as per their requirements and there are certain limitations associated with it.

Small Houses
small house on lake

So, these requirements can vary from shelter under a tree to large multistory house. Somewhere between the two lies the concept of small houses. Though the family size in general has been on a decrease (more but smaller families), people have preferred for years to buy big supersized homes.

This may be attributed to issue of prestige and materialism. It is understandable that the latter ones are costly and this disadvantage is overcome with small houses.

Spacing Out and In ...

Small houses are defined as ones which have an area of around 10 - 1000 sq. ft or so. Though small may seem dicey in terms of the area, it does give you space for enjoyment and good living.


The main advantages of a small house are:

1. Less initial cost
2. Since there is a reduction in size, there is less expenditure in every aspect.
3. Being small in size does not mean that they are not built and constructed by a designer.
4. To decrease the available space usage, technologically advanced appliances are used.

There are various varieties of small houses available in different parts of the world depending upon the size, infrastructure and location:

1. Katrina cottages are something many people don't think of. They are made on as area as small as 353 sq.ft., mainly keeping in mind the Katrina hurricane victims.
2. Around 460 sq.ft homes for four people are available in Tokyo.
3. Micro compact home also known as M-CH developed by British people are just 76 sq.ft area homes. They are meant for maximum two people and fulfill the basic needs of cooking, hygiene maintenance and sleeping.


Similarly other plans are also available in Manchester and elsewhere. The above mentioned advantages and the options available have started tempting the people to adopt small house living. In 1997, a writer named S. Susanka published a dynamic book called "The Not So Big House" and this evoked many people to conduct a great social movement which was termed as the "small house movement". This concept mainly prompted people to live in small houses for a variety of reasons.

It is evident small houses and homes have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. The main advantage is that small houses are very economical for the people who stay in them and these homes really fascinate those who want to lead a less complicated but a very simple, economical or green life. It also attracts those who are looking for a second home.

Downsizing Upscale ...

The biggest disadvantages are that small houses are not necessarily in the most upscale neighborhoods. There can also be hostility of the neighborhood because sooner or later question of building codes can arise.

But, small houses in quality neighborhoods and locations do exist. You can still have your home entertainment center, cell phone and laptop and perhaps even a desktop. You can also have a well decorated and cozy living space. With a small house you can also give up paying high utility bills, property taxes and less time cleaning and maintaining your abode.

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