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Small Houses on Wheels

Small houses on wheels (versus big houses on steroids) are becoming more popular, with housing and land costs beginning to head upwards again. They offer the buyer or builder the ultimate in freedom of movement, since they are mounted on wheels and are always "ready to roll".

small house on wheels

For people who wish to get away from the overwhelming quest of obtaining too much "stuff", a small house gives you about 120 to 200 square feet, so your life will have to become simpler. In addition, the price tag is considerably smaller than that of conventional homes, so you can pay them off sooner and be free from homeowner debt.

Small houses mean spending less on consumer goods as well as utilities, and having them on wheels means you can move them easily to a location that suits you. If your job transfers you, or you just want new surroundings, houses on wheels can accommodate you.

There is a movement afoot known as Tiny Houses, but many people outside this group also are interested in leaving a smaller carbon footprint. In addition, their small houses leave smaller actual footprints in the soil.

Not Wanting Needs ...

If you live in a large house, with more bedrooms than you could possibly need, you may look at your home and realize that you are heating and cooling and lighting a lot more space than you want. Building or buying a small house on wheels will make your life simpler and allow you to be close to the people that matter the most to you. You also won't be able to acquire lots of junk if you live in a small house, unless you plan on leaving it outside.

Housecleaning is a boring and mundane task that most people hate. Small houses allow you to spend so much less time and money on cleaning and maintenance. If your children are grown and have moved away you probably have a lot of room in a traditional home that you don't need anymore.

Right in Your Wheel House ...

Small houses on wheels can be taken wherever you want them, but most people choose their décor and exterior materials with a specific area of the country in mind. Many want to have a house that looks natural in the environment where they place it. Trailers and RV's might be Okay for some people, but others want to wheel about at will in tiny homes with small tire feet print.

Not that everything has to be simple just because a house is small. You still have wall space for a good sized flatscreen TV, if that is something you don't want to do without. You can also include heated floors, vaulted ceilings and granite countertops, if you want a more stylish small house.

Just because a house is small doesn't mean that its construction is anything less than first-rate, either. The builders of small houses on wheels build these tiny homes to last. Many times they use screws rather than nails, and high-quality construction materials are usually chosen.

Freedom Come ...

If you're worried about claustrophobia, have a lot of windows included in your home, for gathering natural light that will make it feel larger. Vaulted ceilings will also add a sense of spaciousness. A fully-contained house on wheels gives you the freedom you've never had as a homeowner before.

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