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Small House Plans and Designs

Small house plans and designs are taking a front seat now days to designing mansions and other large dwellings. Tough economic conditions, a high unemployment rate and environmental concerns alone dictate the need for conservation in all spheres of life. A very significant step in this direction is the Small House Movement, a drive to encourage people to build smaller homes to save resources and the environment.

Small House Plans and Designs
small house plan

The philosophy behind the Small House Movement is that people often do not realize the fact that they can live comfortably in houses that are almost 1/2 the size of their current home.

Small house plans and designs are aimed at providing comfort and ambience by making maximum use of the space available. The Small House Movement gained popularity after the Hurricane Katrina as many people found this option much more affordable.

A 500 square foot house or even less sounds cramped and unappealing. However, innovative architects make sure that the small house plans and designs are both as spacious and stylish as possible to give the home an open look. Small house plans and designs are crafted to utilize space properly and the material used for construction is cheaper as the quantity is needed is less.

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Small house plans and designs can help you lead a debt free and mortgage free life as they are cost effective and one does not need to borrow as much money. Mortgages are lower and can be paid off more quickly with 15-year or 20-year loans common. A small house of 500 square feet can be constructed at $30 - $60 per square foot if simple material is used which means that the entire house can cost as little as $15,000 - $30,000.

Small house plans and designs are created to make sure that your style and comfort requirements do not have to be compromised. There are many architectural firms in the market that are advertising their innovative and chic small house plans and designs. The plans for such small houses can be purchased for as low as $500, with the instructions to help you do the construction.

Small houses also help reducing the electricity bills to a great extent (as low as half the original amount) as both cooling and heating such small areas do not require much energy. Small homes conserve energy and are often insulated to make sure that the temperature remains steady, thus reducing the need for artificial conditioning.

Small houses also help you in being environment friendly as the construction based on small house plans and designs requires minimum use of material which translates into conservation of natural resources and smaller carbon footprint. By living in a small house you can not only lead a well balanced and economical life but also help in reducing the stress on environment. Many people prefer to use recycled material for construction of small houses and designs which are also available.

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Even if you have not considered moving into a smaller sized house until now, it is not too late. Depending upon location, you can build a small house for less than half of the amount for which you sell your present house. You don't have to be elderly to downsize your living quarters. It's a matter of preference and you have control of your destiny when it comes to owning a small house.

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