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Companies the world over are helping homeowners come to terms with the facts of flooding on a global scale. Small floating houses are one way that people can make it through current floods and plan for the future, when, it seems assured, the water levels will be higher. This will be especially true in countries that are already flood-prone, with towns and villages at low levels or on the sea.

There are worldwide instances of low-lying areas that have always been susceptible to flooding, and many are seeing even more flooding than usual. With the population of the world constantly growing, more people must live near the sea, as well as near inland lakes and waterways. Balancing the world's need for homes with rising water levels is a pressing problem, now more than ever.

Floating houses offer homeowners a logical way to deal with the rising waters in their area. They are quite flexible when flooding occurs, and can deal with substantial rises in sea level or water levels. Some homes have also been designed as "amphibious" houses. They stay on land unless there is flooding, but then are able to float on the rising waters.

Nice Pipes ...

Both amphibious and floating houses use hollow concrete cubes at the bases, to give them buoyancy. They have steel pilings that keep them in the same place, and they can withstand even the strong types of currents found in open seas. Flexible pipes are used to bring in electricity and water. These pipes can move and bend with water swells.

In most situations, floating houses can feel and look like conventional homes. Attractive exteriors are painted or sided in colorful hues, giving the smaller houses an almost whimsical look. The residents won't feel any movement side to side, due to the steel piles holding the houses in place. They do feel up and down movements, but seasoned homeowners say that they find that relaxing.

The newer models of small floating houses offer flood protection as well as a high quality of life and a very low impact on the environment. The design and technology for these houses has been provided by firms in various countries, especially Dutch companies, since the country sees so much flooding.

They had severe flooding in 1995, after which residents could not build beside rivers. Laws like this had to be changed to allow for floating houses in these locations. Seattle also has their share of small floating homes.

The philosophy of floating house designers is that water can either be a threat or a challenge, and a it's a chance to build better homes. In countries with severe flooding issues, floating houses are a logical choice to use, in order to move forward.

Getting a Rise Out of It ...

There are other options to building in flood or hurricane-prone areas. Some houses are designed with nothing on the bottom level except support. The walls can be opened to allow water to pass through. But floating houses seem to many to be a better approach, since no damage is done to the house as it simply rises with the water.

Companies that design and build floating houses are working with residents of the United States, Europe, Asia and the Far East, in areas where these houses are the last best hope for homeowners who live near water.

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