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Small cottage houses are really very comfortable. In winter, they prove to be very cozy and when it is summer, they can be a memorable place in which to enjoy a vacation. Small cottage houses can also be quality accommodation when it comes to spending the rest of one's life after retirement.

Small Cottage House

Talking about the style, design and plan of the small cottage house completely depends on the location, weather conditions, availability of building material in that area and last but not least is one's own personal preferences.

Many environmentalists will did on living in small cottages houses because of the small carbon footprint they leave. Small cottages were pretty popular in Medieval Europe. The cottages were used by people with small families living on farms. Those days are gone, however. These days, such small cottages are used for different purposes. People make use of these small cottage houses for their homes, for their vacations, for rentals or for spending their weekends at.

One can build any type of small cottage house that one prefers. In the following, we will discuss some different styles of small cottage houses.

  • Vacation Cottage: As the name suggests, these small vacation cottages are meant for the purpose of spending a holiday. These types of cottages may have a playground or garden. Usually, modest rooms are found in these types of cottages.
  • Bungalow House Plans: These types of small cottage houses are best for the areas that are warmer. Their roofs are structured so as to keep the heat of the summer away from the house. Groups of windows are installed in the house to aid in ventilation. These types of small cottages are very simple with large porches and wide overhanging attics.
  • Hillside Cottage Plans: People who wish to reside in hilly areas after retirement can buy these small cottages downsizing to fit their current needs. These cottages may have cozy bedrooms with balconies, underground garages, daylight basements, modest living rooms with fireplaces and walkout basements.
  • Victorian Style Cottages: These cottages are most of the times one story buildings, having true Victorian style and touch. Salient features of these small cottages include oval and round windows, a front porch that is covered, high ceilings, a dining room, and galley style kitchen. Bedrooms often overlook the backyards, laundry room and a separate dressing room. No doubt these cottages are smaller as compared to the rest of the types of the cottages, but at the same time they are the most luxurious ones.


In short, it totally depends on the people their preferences in which type of the small cottage houses they want to enjoy for a variety of purposes.

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