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If you've always wanted to build your own small cabin, you can easily find the plans you need from a number of resources. You will also find that most materials are much easier to procure than they were in years past. You will also find many cabin kits of various designs that will include everything you need to build your own cabin.

small cabin plans

How many square feet do you want in your small cabin? This will give you the best idea of what the building will cost. There are lots of places where you can locate blueprints that will give you a good start on your cabin.

If you opt to purchase a kit, it will have your plans included, as well as possibly having some materials pre-assembled, to make it easier to build. The other pieces may have corners that are notched, which will make your cabin stronger and more stable.

There are various types of woods you can choose for your cabin. Depending on the plans you are using, the building may look better with one wood over another. Use wood types that can be waterproofed easily, and that won't stay too moist in hot weather. The type of wood you choose will have a big effect on the price of materials, since the prices do differ between wood species, even if the designs are the same as cabins made with cheaper woods.

Windows Are the Eyes to the Soul ...

The windows you select should give you a great view of the area around your cabin, and they need to allow fresh air in, and keep winter air out. They should be properly installed and sealed, so that they will not leak air, or let in rain or runoff. In the plans for smaller cabins, they may only include one door, in the front. You may use wood that matches the rest of the cabin for the door, or go a bit lighter or darker.

Steel doors can also be used, even on cabins of rustic design, to make them more weatherized.

The rooms in a smaller cabin will usually include a living room, cooking and dining area and a bedroom. This is one of the basic designs that is popular with builders. The rooms are not large, but they can be roomy enough for between one and four people. Numerous people who build small cabins use them for weekend or vacation homes, but some people build them to live in as their primary residence.

Cabin kits will offer you plans that are easy to follow, and it's handy if you get all the materials you'll need for the building, as well. The floor plans vary from one blueprint to another, and if you're confident in your own skills, you can devise your own plans to follow. If you select the right blueprint, your cabin can be relatively easy to build, using included materials or those that are easy to find. The cost is low enough to make a small cabin very feasible as a getaway or your full-time home.

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