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Small Beach Houses

Small beach houses are even more popular today than they were 50 years ago. With the mansionization of housing in the past 10 years beach houses had gotten bigger. But, this trend has been swinging the other way especially since the housing market in general has taken a dive.

small beach house

Small beach houses have numerous advantages, which make them the obvious choice over the stately beach mansions that have been in fashion previously.

Property on the beach is still expensive and with the recent economy this is definitely on people's minds. But, what is also on people's minds is the green movement and making as little environmental impact as possible.

With the green movement, no longer is it a given that people believe that living in huge houses is a status symbol. Even wealthy people who are environmentally conscious are ready to switch to simple living by constructing small houses on the beach.

Sally Sells Sea Shells ...

The main purpose of a beach house is to enjoy the sea, the shore, the fresh air and the heavenly environment. Small beach houses fulfill all these purposes in a much more significant way than a traditional obnoxiously huge beach house, which rather defies the simplicity of its surroundings. If you are building a beach house, your primary goal is to enjoy the sea and your surroundings.

One attraction to small beach houses is that they are cheaper, and their construction cost is very low in comparison to the beach mansions.

Many people dream of owning a beach house but fail to fulfill this dream, as they cannot afford the high prices. However, if you pick the right location, there are still small beach houses which are affordable to buy or build.

Small beach houses can be designed with style and beauty to complement the surroundings and be comfortable at the same time. The majority of the beach houses have patios where the residents can sit and enjoy the sea view while having lunch or drinks. The patio is often furnished with light furniture so that the space is not congested.

Wood You?

Mostly, people who are interested in building small beach houses use wood as the basic medium. Wooden beach houses are not only beautiful to look at but also give a spacious and natural feel to the home. Small beach houses are meant to conserve space and present a luxurious look at the same time.

Small beach houses are easy to maintain and hence, you can make repairs and renovations whenever you want to. The maintenance cost for beach mansions is much higher, and often, one puts it off for so long that the condition of the house deteriorates to such an extent that it becomes irreparable. For this reason, small beach houses are a better option without a doubt.

Tiny beach houses are recently becoming more popular than ever, as more awareness is being created regarding the benefits of small houses in general. Small houses not only look beautiful but also are economical and energy efficient. For luxuries such as small beach houses, size plays an important role in the outlook and overall ambience of the place. The smaller the size of the house the more yard, beach or open space surrounding the home to make the living a memorable experience.

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