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Used Shipping Containers as Small Houses

If you have ever thought of building your own small home, chances are the idea of using used shipping containers to do so did not spring to mind. Oddly enough, though, these types of containers are quickly becoming popular in the home building world, and there are actually a number of good reasons why.

Used Shipping Container Small Home

The most obvious reason why used shipping containers is the cost associated with doing so, but there are a number of other great benefits, many of which we will get into in the rest of this piece. It's impossible to talk about used shipping containers as a tiny home without talking about the cost.

Building a blatantly ginormous home with bricks or timber can become ridiculously pricy, but containers are still incredibly affordable. The cost of the used containers may rise and fall depending on their availability, but many can be bought for a pretty penny

When there is a global economic recession, the prices may go up, and they will only drop once trade between countries starts to build again. The average price of a 305 square foot shipping container comes in at about $1,500, which is a huge savings over what you would pay for other construction types to create that same amount of space. It goes without saying that even if you were to use 2 or 3 used shipping containers to create your new space, it would still be a whole lot more affordable than other construction methods.

One of the biggest reasons that people cite for building a small home from used shipping containers is the desire to go green. And, of course, owning a recycled home is one way to do so. Many people that go this route use solar panels to power their new space. Another way that people go green with their shipping container home is to add what's known as a Green Roof on top. This helps keep the space insulated to reduce heating and cooling costs as the seasons change.

Another great benefit of used shipping containers is their durability and ability to withstand the harshest of elements. The containers are usually loaded on ships and transported overseas in conditions that can be less than pleasant. Since the goods inside need to be protected from the elements, the containers are built to last, repelling harsh weather conditions and sea spray that can inflict a lot of damage over time.

Shipping containers are able to withstand all of that and still remain strong and intact. Much of this has to do with the construction of the containers, most of which are made from ultra-strong steel. They are in fact so strong that they are perfect for areas were earthquake activity, as well as other severe weather issues, is common. Placed on a solid foundation, used shipping containers will basically last for your lifetime and beyond, without any real need for a lot of maintenance or upkeep.

There are many more benefits than those mentioned above, with the fact that you will have a truly unique home being just one of the others. So sustainable are these containers, some parts of the world have started making full apartment buildings made entirely from them. As their popularity rises, watch for them becoming more and more common in your neighborhood.

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