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It is a fact that prefab small houses have been around for many years. It is also a well known fact that these are the most affordable options for those people who want to have a home of their own but are not able to pay the down payments or installments for traditional styles and designs of houses.

Prefab Small House
small prefab house

Moreover, prefab small houses were once considered to be just boxes of plastic. People used to think that these houses are of low quality. But as the quality has increased the reputation of prefab small houses has also changed over recent years. Now, people know that these prefab homes can be made on customized basis too offering added flexibility.

For those who want to buy prefab small houses, there are a number of styles and designs available in these homes. Advancements in this home industry has ensured that these homes look similar to traditional houses. The designs range from rustic to modern designs of houses. Prefab home builders will make sure that they build a house for you which will meet all the needs and requirements for and your family.

Factory Fresh ...

These prefab small houses are usually constructed in a factory and then they are shipped and finally assembled on the site where the home is supposed to go. This facilitates speeding up the home building process. As there are a number of styles available in these types of homes, one can get confused in selecting the right style.

Some of these designs are more attractive as compared to others. For example, mobile homes are no doubt a useful type of small prefab home but usually only mobile home parks will accept them.
So, make sure that if you go to build a prefab small house that you ask the area authorities if they allow doing so or not. This can save a lot of time, money and headache (plus squabbles with the neighbors).

On the other hand, small modular houses are not that restricted. They can be purchased readymade or can be built in a customized manner and then can be put together at the desired site. Small log houses are one of the types of these prefab houses that are gaining more and more popularity. Be sure to check ahead however that the building of these homes is allowed in your community.

Pre-fabulous ...

In short, like Hyundai cars, the views of people about these prefab small houses are also changing. People who never wanted to buy these houses a few years back rethinking their positions. Low cost, low maintenance, less environmental impact, lower heating and cooling bills, lower mortgages, lower property taxes are all advantages that come into play when building small prefab houses. Maybe it's time for you to think (or rethink) about it?

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