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Modern Small Houses

The Small House Movement has gained popularity as this kind of home has numerous benefits to offer as compared to medium or large dwellings. Building companies and architectural firms have also adapted to this philosophy and are designing new houses on a small scale in order to meet the popular demand of the consumers.

Modern Small House
small modern house

Many architectural firms have created some beautiful and stylish designs for modern small houses as the people who are opting for smaller homes do not want to compromise on the quality of life and the aesthetic value of their homes. The landscaping outside and interior designing of modern small houses is done by keeping these factors in mind.

Some modern small houses are built in such a way as to create an elegant, neat and futuristic look with maximum use of the space available. The designs are often simple yet sometimes complex but the outcome of both is superb. A small house provides simplified living that entails less energy consumption, less water consumption, less clutter etc. It is much easier to clean your house and you can save a lot of your precious time and utilize in your other activities.

Not only are they designed well but the modern small houses are also fully equipped with the latest technologies and utilities so that the owner does not have to compromise on the comforts of life that are available only in mansions and penthouses. Depending on the size and careful planning by the architect, modern small houses can be fitted with many accessories that are chosen by the owner including WiFi and other smart home appliances and networks.

Your Prices May Vary ...

The prices of modern small homes can vary from one region to another but there are other factors such as the materials used, quality of finishing and design, which also affect the total cost of the house. A simple small house with basic structure can be priced as low as $30 per square foot, while those with luxurious finishing can cost as much as $250 per square foot.

The most common materials used in the construction of modern tiny houses are glass and wood. The reason for the choice of materials is that these are cost effective and both create a spacious and stylish look, which is the primary aim of a person who is constructing modern small houses. Some contractors also use bricks but their use is limited as too much can give a confined look to the house and kill the entire purpose.

In order to make up for the lack of space in small houses, the designers take care to provide extra storage space wherever possible and a lot of niches and corners are transformed into built in storage spaces.

Inspector Gadget ...

Modern small houses can be laced with modern gadgets and electronics which improve the way of life. The operational costs of such items for big houses are much higher as compared to that of the small houses.

The cooling and heating procedures are faster and require less energy input in modern small homes thus reducing the electricity bills. The tiny modern houses are also environment friendly as the annual CO2 emission for a small house is 5 times less than the average sized home.

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