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Building A Small House

In the world nowadays, many people would like to build a big house so that they can enjoy a lot of amenities at home. However, other people think that building a small house is more fitting to their lifestyle and they would like to use the limited areas in the small house to create big fun.

Building a Small House
small wooden house

These small house lovers are fed up with the busy life in doing the housework on multiple floors in the big house. They just want things to be simple and they do not want to spend a lot of time and effort to decorate the big house. Also, many elderly people want to downsize as they get up in years, so building a small house is an option for them.

Of course, another reason, which is also a realistic one, is that homeowners can save more money by buying or building a small house rather than a big one. They can spend their money in other aspects such as to enjoy their life on vacation or to take some course to enrich their knowledge base rather than possessing a mansion just to keep up with the Joneses.

Growing Down with Kids ...

Some people would say that they could not live in a small house because they have kids and the toys and equipment for the kids will take up a lot of space. But living in small house is actually a valuable chance for you to educate your children that they can survive in a limited space and that the world has limited resource.

You are not the bank of Mom and Dad as some kids grow up believing. Many children in the U. S. do not even realize that other kids live in small houses in other sections of the country and especially outside of the country.

Therefore, you may live with your kids in a small house and you can implement policies like "one toy in, one toy out". This can educate your kids to treasure the toys and think carefully whenever they take any action to purchase something.

Needs vs. Wants ... Wah!

No doubt, 400 square feet may not be enough for a family with kids. But 2,000 square feet can be too much for them as well, right? Therefore, you have the responsibility to select the right small house to fit your needs (not wants).

There is no fixed size of small house. The definition of small varies from person to person and it depends on the size of the family indeed. If you are in trouble building a small house, you may seek help from some small house societies in the community. There is even a small house movement underfoot right now. Because of going green and the desire to reduce one's carbon footprint, building small houses are in. Do your part to downsize if you can and get started in building a small house soon.

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