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(a journal of small homes)

If you'd like to read about tiny homes, small house plans, designs and photos then you've come to the right place. Small houses, as you probably already know, do not have to fall short when it comes to style, luxury or technology. And of course you may be a minimalist and that's Okay, too.

small house
Small house in tall grass is pictured.

Tiny houses are what you make of them. Small house plans and designs help many realize their dreams of homeownership. This is why our website has decided to cram so many small house photos on these pages, to show off the possibilities of what a tiny dwelling can pack inside.

Good things come in small packages, as they say, so if you plan your home design properly and the building process goes well then the whole family will fit fine and enjoy the efficiency of modest living. One doesn't need to be a fan of Little House on the Prairie in order to be a fan of tiny homes.

One needn't be a troll, a goblin, a gopher or a groundhog either to enjoy building a modest house (or buying one if that's for you). If fact, just looking at photos or doing a walkthrough of a tiny property is enough to satisfy many people's curiosity.

Olden New ...

It's a true statement that a fair number of smaller houses happen to be older homes. This is because people in olden times didn't need a bedroom for every child, a separate TV room, game room, kitchen, dining room, garage, basement, attic, loft, patio and other rooms for friends, relatives and guests.

So, architects back then created small house plans with modest living in mind, limited materials and labor. As you cruise through this site looking at all the tiny home photos be sure to take note of the age, location, design and style of living. You'll notice a revival as many tiny homes are new constructions.

Camel Through the Eye of a Needle ...

This is why tiny houses are so fascinating. On one extreme there are mansions and palaces for those who insist on grandiose lifestyles. At the other extreme are homeowners of little houses who have planned on living a modest, modern, evironmentally-friendly and minimalist lifestyle.

Small home designs are eco-friendly in that they provide a tinier carbon footprint, use less trees to build, use less energy in the summer and winter months and generally consume fewer materials in building and maintaining.

A person doesn't have to live in a world famous tree house in order to appreciate nature and a smaller environmental impact.

A person need only to have the desire for buying or building a small house and plan the interior design for the most efficient, effective and yet stylish way possible and this will create an immense sense of joy.


Of Little Interest ...

In 1997, Sarah Susanka started the Small House Movement when she published the book The Not So Big House.

From 1978 to 2007, the average single family home size grew 600 square feet per house.


Updated October 07, 2015

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